‘DCJ is sowing the seeds of its future’

Sept. 2, 2014

for the web readers and the next newsletter.

from Domeka:

Thanks in part especially to the Dalai Lama’s wise words.

We are living in an epidemic, the disease being DCJ. Symptoms are oppression, injustice, and inequality. (Do you fit the criteria?) The cause…is acceptance. Acceptance to exploitation. Inaction is the wrong response to this injustice, and with our failure to act we become nothing more but enablers to our own misery. How long are you willing to passively tolerate the every day trials of this disease? This disease has only one cure: unity, patience, and love, AKA interdependence. The time for battles amongst ourselves is unproductive. We must realize we all need each other. We need to start changing these challenges we face into opportunities, for a better tomorrow. How do we accomplish that? Simple. We actively resist it. Want to know the real reason we lock back. It’s not for security reasons or a head count, no. It is to instill in us a feeling of engaging in the same repetitive task, to the point where we lose our habit of exertion. Think about it, no matter WHAT you do you know at 12:45, 6:45, and 10:45 that you will lock back and to try otherwise instills a fear of inactiveness upon us. As quoted in Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations when we lose our habit of exertion we “generally become as stupid and ignorant as it is possible for a human creature to become.” They want to program us for society. It is not wrong to change and become a benefit to society, but they are dampening us into submission to the point where ambitions are lost. We have become a generation of free thinkers. Read that carefully now, free ‘thinkers’ not free ‘doers.’ Too many have given up their face and are waving their white flag, laying in inferiority as one dog does another. Isn’t that what this is dog eat dog? This jail is unified, that’s why they run it so casually. The d.o.s know other officers got their back. Can you say that about the guy sleeping next door to you? If not, maybe it’s time to start reconciling. Finding interdependence in a time we need it. The expression of warmth and affection is effortless so start reaching out. We all have a sense of meaning, and for a lot of us, if we start acting, that sense of meaning can start in here and carry on into the world on the day you’re free again. Next time you need encouragement picture your children and remember who you really doing this for. Realize the indirect benefit you will be to others by unifying. Inspiration, hope, example of a better future. This can be you. You can be a general, a leader in this war against oppression. Think of it this way, you can act or, what is your other option, just hanging around? Don’t be the stereotype the jail depicts you to be. A better tomorrow, for our seeds start here. We undermine the stability of our children’s future when we let destructive forces like DCJ run the scene. Don’t forget you have the same thing DCJ has. Human intelligence, which we can use to accomplish many things. Don’t stray from reality. Don’t say ‘it could be worse.’ I remember I said the same thing once when I was homeless. Then one day a guy said, ‘It could be better.’ I had no answer. So remember that. It could be better, but we have to try. The closer we stay to this reality the more motivation we will experience. Recognize your role in this making of history. This will happen eventually. Don’t you want to be the one with your name in a history book? To inspire generations? We need to start helping ourselves and others, or at least stop harming them by enabling this. If this place wants you to be a productive member of society, then use that against them. Being productive is to have a positive goal and implement it into the world. So unify, and implement freedom against the failed ‘leadership’ of this place. If you’re blind to any of this then you should truly start reshaping your attitude and outlook. Don’t let this place fool you. You may have committed a crime, but they’ve turned you into a modern day slave for it. We can be happy here, despite these objective circumstances and deplorable conditions. We can achieve this happiness, once again, through interdependence. There is an interconnected relationship through everything, ours at DCJ is, at minimum, better standards. Want to start today? Then start with concern for your fellow inmates, a pat on the back and a smile can go a long way. Don’t procrastinate, take the first step and ask if they need help. I speak by example as I do try hard every day to help others. Know that true power is the result of the respect people give you. Real power has to do with one’s ability to influence the hearts and minds of others. Does this sound like DCJ? No! This place is powerless. Yet we don’t have to be. Give each other power by giving respect. DCJ is sowing the seeds of its future with its misdeeds. Remember your fellow inmate is subject to suffering as you are and that is a basis on which we can all connect. It takes 1 person to change the atmosphere of an area. Imagine what 100 could do. Take heart if we don’t get immediate response. Now is the time to plan, unify, multiply. Your main purpose right now is benefit your fellow inmates. Don’t get angry, transform the mental energy into something constructive. Be prepared to confront inequality. Hell, I just got locked back last night for doing it. We all have problems to deal with, but DCJ is one we all share. Remember our forefathers had it harder and they fought for change. Don’t let them down. Fight outwardly, cope inwardly. Don’t damage yourself with hostility or anger. Stay patient and nonviolent. Violence is met with violence, but nonviolence is met with change. As quoted by the Dalai Lama, ‘Every individual has to change, and the only way to do this is for ordinary people to have greater awareness of the bigger problems, an understanding of what creates the problem and a dsire to change things person by person. So as a member of society you are as qualified as anyone else. Live by de oppresso liber, which means to free the oppressed.  If you’re truly committed and ready then write me and kite me a letter pod 5A address it to Domeka. Others are taking hold. Are you going to join the ranks.

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