‘Over 400 years in slavery we still manage to stand strong’



How is you doing on the outside? I hope fine, well. I would like to thank you for the stamps once again. I have been in here 2 months now and praying for good things to come my way. Yeah, my finger be cramping up sometimes, but I’m okay with it that’s the only thing that kill time and keep you busy while incarcerated man. I really thanks you and IOA family for giving us hope while we in here. I haven’t heard anything about the kid that got shot by a cop, damn that stuff happening all over the world. The government control the world and the people that’s in it. We are still slaves, they capture us black folk and made us work, build, sell drugs, anything you can name. But we are kings, over 400 years in slavery we still manage to stand strong. We just need unity. Blacks killing each other, that what keep the prison full. I just watch the news and found out that two man was sentenced back in the day 30 years sentence and the D.A. had no evidence on the brothers. That’s sad to watch man. Half of they life was behind bars for nothing. But they dropping bombs, raping children, taking us from Africa, killin for oil, shooting kids and no justice.

No judge or DA can tell me I’m a bad person. Fuck no–President Obama when he came in they made him think he has power, and to make us think they give a damn about black people man. His fucking head is gray, stress and wisdom. He know too much and I think they might kill the man for knowing too much. My lawyer is ——, she want bring my motion for discovery so I can know what’s going on in my case. But will come up here saying that the DA wants me to take a plea, but won’t tell me how much time it is. Bullshit. By law I have to look at my discovery before I sign a plea.

The 48 Laws of Power I can’t wait any longer to read and gain the proper knowledge and understanding. If you can tell my lawyer to mail or bring me my discovery and motion thank you. They drop the other charges, I’m just fighting 2 now, PWISD SC II and Possession on Jail premises. I have no record or point so the point chart shows sentencing structure says mitigated range they two class H felonies, either 4-5 months or 4-6 months for the charges. Well, I’m gonna lay it down and get some sleep for class in the a.m. time…

E. M.

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