‘We not afraid’


Aug. 18-14

Hey Brother —-,

How is everything going on the outside? Some ol thing in here tryna make it day by day. I see that you have receive my old roommate name. He has the signs so he will be able to hold em up to keep the movement going down in —. I currently in –. Now I have sign up for the STARR program to help better myself and just to get free time out the pod. I miss my old roommate…but that’s was my homie we laugh and joke and play cards and chess all night till it breakfast time. I was mad a few days ago my little cousin was shot and I have no money to call home and see what happen. It was on the news a few days ago. I been stressing out very bad and I don’t have a court date and don’t know what’s going on with my case. Thank you for the lawyer jailhouse citizen guide. It came in and tells me and other a lot of thing that we don’t know. I was wondering can you look up and see how much time my charge is worth or I will do. I’m not taking a plea, so I want to know how long I will stay in here. They throw out some charges, now I have just two and they are PWIMSD sch II CS and Poss CS prison/jail premise. I’m waitin to go to S.C. court in Durham. I would really be happy to know how much time I’m looking at. This my last stamp…The struggle is still hard and stressful for my mom single parent with 5 boys to take care of. I love her so much. That’s a strong Black woman to raise us with no support. The world don’t understand our pain and struggle. Durham will destroy you if not a strong person and willing to put up a fight with the police, sheriff, D.A., government period. And guess what Ms Braswell have returned. I ask her why she left, and she said that she never did. I guess they told her that I be writing you all. I know they get my mail. They be reading it from they spilled coffee on my paper you send me. That let me know right there they be reading our mail. If you know too much knowledge they separate you from other that will follow whatever they say. I read books to get stronger mind and don’t be lost to knowledge. Can you maybe print the books papers for 48 Laws of Power to help us with a lot of things. But we gon’ do it our way. IOA We don’t play. IOA We not afraid! Yes we can. Yes we can. Talk nice to us! IOA We talk nasty to them!

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