‘To change the world’

Aug. 12, 2014

Dear —,

What’s happenin? Just got your letter Friday. I can understand your frustrations truly my friend. Being an inmate our whole stay is time and the consumption of it. As for me personally I try to maintain and grow mind, body and spirit not only to revitalize myself but to defy the system and stereotypical comments of jail/prison hardening or breaking you. Though I have days on edge I still strive for a better tomorrow. I’ve developed a conscience since I’ve been here. My understanding of people’s actions makes me forgive them in my heart, yet my pride stills my tongue from acknowledging this. I am slowly learning and maintaining the idea that it’s guys like me, who want more and are willing to suffer for a better tomorrow, that are going to change the world. So I’ve made (very fragile) education plans. Though hard to make they’re harder to stick once released. Note that I said released not free. Recently reading a book I was educated. Stated it quotes ‘Prison presents a person with the choice to change within and be free or be violent with and remain bound.’ Though true too many prisons amplify the idea of breaking a person or remaining violent instead of healing. Which is the only change a person may need. I did see the rally (for Gaza). I’m glad you instituted the idea of growing even in such baby steps. The calendar idea I was wanting you to send to others…(text excluded) I’m learning that we are not truly free until we are content with ourselves, and willing to be and express ourselves in any circumstances. Though I knew this once I don’t now. I’m shaping to be smarter and stronger now. Not free yet. –R.W.


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