Aug. 4, 14

Dear —,

I gotten your letter that you sent me. I’m still feelin the fightin spirit and havin hope that changes will be made in the Durham County Justice system. That sounds nice that they have a IOA movement upstairs. I been trying to get others to understand what’s going on but they too scared of getting locked back, the c.o.s don’t like what you guys are doing to better this jail. And court was okay I guess my bond was drop and I’m waiting for a trial date to superior court to be sent to me on when I will be seen. God knows when I will be seen but I’m just waiting. Thank you for the stamp, it’s the only way to keep in contact and update you what’s going on in this jail. I almost fallen down just hearin my name getting call for mail. Thanks man, and I’m in pod – I can see in front of the jail & DPAC really good, if you want to wave some sign and show support for us in here. My roommate —– like the IOA movement and said can you send him letters, too and some more of the story you send about the jail and IOA. I understand that the law books are too much and I respect that it will be hard to get. Don’t worry about it, just the letter and reading guides is fine with me. Yeah, the sign was smart. I made 54 letters to get my message out to friends and family if they ever outside of the jail to know what’s going on with me in here. I know the charges it is crazy they gon’ do what ever it take to make people think that it was mine. I pray for the best you know. It’s hard in here tryin to stay up when they keep tryin to bring you down. I’m see more about Ms. Braswell. I remember that she was crying kuz they want her and the inmates to slave and paint the whole jail over. She get paid for it, but the inmates just get two trays a day. Sad thing man the real slave work, —. But it always some better day when you in here. If you can still send them pamphlets and books of Durham Counyt story  some of them was crazy and wild to hear about. But, I’ma look into on Ms. Walker bout the things she been saying about us. But keep me updated on thing. We neva get a chance to watch the news like that inmate so blind and the c.o.’s would rather let you watch Gangland. They a mess in here. But okay. Write back, —. Take it easy out there. I.O.A. YES WE CAN.


  1. M.

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