Only thing I can say is ‘Wow.’

August 3, 2014

Dear —,


Hey! How are you doing? I’m doing ok!! I’m worried about my family because they need to find somewhere to live by the 31st of last month. But I don’t know if they have found a place or not. I hoping and looking forward to seeing them today but nobody came. 😦    I haven’t seen them in a while now, it’s been like 4 weeks or something like that…I miss them alot. I got the feedback you sent me and I’ve read some of the stories and stuff that’s in there, and the only thing I can say is “Wow.” I don’t know what to say…Did you get my last letter? With this letter, I’m sending you 3 pictures I worked on. EAllenAugTell me what you think about them! When you write me back can you send some more pictures of Naruto, Final fantasy, and OnePiece? Can you send me pictures of those, because people want me to draw them those.

Thank you for writing and sending me pictures. Thanks a lot!


F. B.


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