‘We need someone to see about the tray situation…’

July 31st Thurs nite

In struggle 4 real


Thanks for the books, I got them Thur 31st! So how is things going for you? Well I’m good just taking it one day at a time. I see you respond back to me quickly (huh)!

Well the jail situation is still the same. We lock down 17 hours a day and the pod officers talk to you like a kid. It’s not right but we need someone to come in to this place and see about the tray situation–see the reason I know that the trays that they feed us on ain’t right cause I was doing time in Alabama and the Health Department had them to take the same trays out of the prison and came with some new ones! But I just want to speak of that cause I seen them trays they feed us off and seen the situation.

So are there any pen pal lists you have or put my name on a pen pal list. Thanks! O yeah, if you find any true crime books send them to me to read please. But I hope you have a great weekend and take care and pray.


In struggle

God loves you!

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