‘Justice is truly blind’

From Archie S.


How are you doing? Good I hope. Me I’m doing OK. I go to court this month, so that’s good news. Thank you so much for the paper and pictures. You can put this letter in Feedback and use my name. They treat us like we are nothing. They have no respect for us. It’s like we are no longer human. I feel hopeless for the justice system because it is truly blind. They don’t have the right diet for a type one diabetic. The give us our medicine when they feel like it. They do not care about us at all. We are just numbers in a paycheck to them. I have learned freedom is not free. But I will stay strong and keep my faith up.

How is everything on the outside. Good I hope. And they also don’t let the church people come a lot, but I will be able to join you on the outside soon. I also get mental health treatment here. It’s ok, not the best but it does the job. Mrs. Kelly my case worker is a good kind person, so it’s no everybody that’s messed up, just most of them.


Thank you and please I can’t wait to join you when I become a free man and also jail is supposed to make you better and build you up so you can rejoin society, not break you down but with the help of people like you we will make a change. Thank you for the books, love them. Well till next time write back soon. Hope you like the pictures from your friend Archie…

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