‘My son is getting old without me in his life’


I have received the books. Thanks, all I have is time in here. We can’t use pencils in our cells, so the only thing to do is read the bible or books your family or friends send. I been locked up for three long years and I still don’t have a trial date. These people do what they want in Durham. We inmates don’t have a voice at all. My son is getting old without me in his life, they don’t (think about that) we aren’t the only people that are impacted by the incarceration. My family is so ready for this to be over, but they still holding me. These white folks do what the hell they please. If they had anything on me I would have been had a trial date. This world is real crazy. Hit me back soon.  –K. B.

P.S. Anytime you have books send them please.

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