‘All of which shows the intention to warehouse people’

19th July this is

I hope this letter finds you in best of health and spirits. As for myself the Durham County Jail has continuously violated the 1st and 7th amendment of the constitution. I speak on the grounds because you work with freedom of speech but everyone seem to forget mail to communicate with family and friends to make bond all take speech. If you’re locked behind a door for 19 hours a day and night, can’t shower, can’t write nor call anyone to help you to get out it’s a hindrance to life and liberty, which is the 4th amendment and which violate three 7th amendment excessive bond, cruel and unusual punishment. 14th protects privileges and immunities of the people’s right being violated. But no one addresses that they are being violated for us, so our voice isn’t ever heard, only spoken of. I’ve addressed this issue in writing with Durham Herald writer Ray Gronberg and I ask you now since you have a voice for you to address the matter to Mr Ray Gronberg. For can’t no one be released from a double bond then locked behind a cell door for 19 hours day and night if it’s not for trays coming or visitation or to show off their operating correct to the people from the streets when they know all the whites are here only on 30 day probation sentence or pity breaking and entering, but only going to have a select number of them in jail for the max captivity.

(That’s) for the Black drug dealers, breaking entering, woman of the night, robbery suspect, etc. A few Mexicans and you can’t get out because of no way to get out of being punished while waiting to go to court once you leave booking and taken to 3A-B-C-or D. You’re liable not to see a phone till you reach a pod and if you do everyone want to use the phone. Only 6 of them, 65 to 70 people a pod in relation. Now your call cost from $2 to $10 depending on which service used Horizon, Sprint, Cricket, Boost all rates go up and they charge or you don’t get through, which creates you call it a market but it’s really racketeering to create a monopoly. As well as their top dollar cheap merchandise canteen, all of which shows the intentional ground to warehouse people, but mainly black, for the laws and bonds show the doubling and tripling as a fact to each male Black arrested and brought to be held at Durham County Jail can’t make the bond or have access to the same bond as a white or Mexican. (This) shows profiling and violation of the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 14th amendments of the constitution. Ask Mr. Ray Gronberg. For these have also been my issues, but they violate all of my constitutional rights. Advise and help for us in this problem, you might find your true means of amplifying your voice, for he truly find the voice. (There’s a) need to show the corrupt issues of the Durham County Police Sheriff and Durham County Jail as each part violates rights and break laws that govern them. I ask you to please contact him for he also on July 16th had an article on the violation of pay for information by police being dismissed for violating the constitution. I wanted a copy of the article but they wouldn’t let me have a copy and now they are banning the use of us to the Durham Herald as a paper. They been stopped the News and Observer and no one has said the (unknown word) in the matter. Show that this is only a punishment for modern day slavery. I now plea for your help in this matter.


W. A.

All constitutional rights violated: 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 14th. All of us. Please. I wrote Major Couch and I will more than likely get a backlash if he don’t step in and help.

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