the following came with two letters inside, written on consecutive days. 


(along the side) It’s a MOVEMENT I’m with it!! No more jokes NEED HOPE.

From Daquan L. Lewis                                                  July 23, 2014

Dear —,

Put my whole name. I have gotten the letter you have sent me and I like the fact I know that god has answer my prayers to send me someones that understand the struggle a young black man has been through and is a target to the system and fear that I can be beaten by the police and no-one is willing to hear my voice and side of the story. It’s really not the system, it’s the DA and the system WE is up against. They give us court-appointed lawyers and they make us sit so long that when it is all said and done we take pleas for something we have not done just to get free and it is jotted down on our record. And on July 3, 2014 Durham County Sheriff’s have beaten me for something that wan’t mine and was mad I didn’t confess to it. Now I here hopeless not knowing what going to happen. Not once have I seen my lawyer or spoke with her about my case or side of the story. On July 7, 14 Durham County police has targeted me and beaten me and charged with something wasn’t mine. I might have the date wrong about that case. A lot of people in here fear for the worst and the system in Durham County is a threat to our freedom. They wonder why blacks have a rage in the world we live in. They target the color of our skin and where we live and that’s not Justice, but Michael Peterson get a slap on the wrist for killing his wife. Where is the justice in that? The place I call home we don’t put our brother or sister in jail or harm’s way. Thank you — for the books you have sent me and the hope and the understanding that the struggle is not over and we need a better justice system and DA office. My court date is July 28 14 and July 31 2014. I’m praying for the best and hoping for the best to be heard in my case. I weigh about 120 and it took over 7 grown men to jump on me in front of the public in court and said that something was mine. It was not me or mines. If you can show up in court and pray for me and the best to come. Write back my brother and thank you.

A BLACK MAN with a RAGE. IOA Black Panther & White Panther

If you can send me a law book that will help me and let me know what I’m up against.


(separate piece) July 23 & 24 14 IOA Turn Up!! What’s going on in here. They jump on a white dude — He in the hole now…

(another paper)                                                                                                   July 24-14

IOA Black people & white people All Color Race standin together. Bring the news crew to show other inmates.

Hey —

I have seen the protest going out of control on July 23-14 (a Gaza solidarity rally and march that stopped at DCDF–we applaud that marchers chose to go to the jail-ed.), we was all happy to see the movement. Let us know that we have some hope in here. Man I tell you this, I was the one with the sign IOA Turn up in the window. I was just telling my roommate about what you wrote and 5 min lata here you guys come. I felt really good to see that. Now the c.o.s knows I be in contact with you guys, they be trying to act they following the guidelines. I wrote up a Sgt. name Thaxton for talking to me rude a few days ago for that he being have a whole different way of talking to me. He caught me with a pencil writing you a letter, I said to him when we have support it’s a must for them to stop it. Ha, I been telling these other inmates that as long as we keep our mouth close and don’t stand up for each other they going to keep on treating us wrong. I would like to keep reading these books you have send to me. I make me feel good and have hope. Some of us want to fight this battle but a lot of people don’t have family support and they don’t like getting lock back all the time. I know they might reject us on law books cause they want us to be clueless on how the world law work. I thought of this, for people with drug cases and gun charges and whatever they case may be send pieces of the law in one by one so I can however help the next person out in here. Keep in touch with me — you have got my pride going and willing to fight this battle. It’s sad to hear (in newsletter) that girl say that about the c.o.s asking for sex. People here be wanting to say things but they run jail and the food service. We can lose contact with the outside world if we open our mouth. The mail lady name Ms. Walker she talk nasty to us and keep holding our mail or leaving them in the mail box. If you have no money on your books you get three no fund letter 1 time a month. She hold them I say for two weeks. Sgt Jones make his staff be hard on us and I overheard staff saying it’s not right. This lady name Ms. Braswell quit cause of the way they made her treat us. Write back.

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