‘It’s all a ploy to leave you struggling, penniless and prone…’

Greetings —-,

I sincerely apologize for the tardiness of my response to your letter. I’ve been in sort of a “funk” here lately. It comes with the territory. This place can make you lose who you are if you allow it. I sometimes stay inside of my head too much wondering, ‘Why me? What if, what could/should I have done to avoid this…Thoughts of my daughters and family matters can be overwhelming at times and I go into this sort of “funk.”

I’m doing what’s required of me, in order that I’ll be able to submit my request transfer request whenever the time arises. I don’t want any infractions or disciplinary problems to hinder that. So, I’m pretty much what you’d call “a model prisoner.” There’s really not much to do here so you always have to be on point. (The enemy ( Satan) comes in many forms and will tempt you in any way that he can.) I read the bible, pray and try to stay as far away from suckers as I can. It would only hurt my loved ones and further complicate my situation if I allowed myself or someone else to veer me off course. My plan is to be at a facility that offers work-release, c.v. passes and home visits within 2 years of my release.

I’d really like to leave prison with some money saved and also begin to work on depleting this $50,000 drug tax that they’ve fined me. I also have an IRS tax that was assessed but I don’t know the amount. How do they expect us to pay this stuff? It’s crazy how the state levies these fines against you, and you have no income coming in. It’s all a ploy to leave you struggling, penniless and prone to commit crime(s) to survive. A person just being released from prison and working a menial job can’t afford to have his check garnished due to fines, taxes and probation fees. This will only cause him to get a job “working under the table” (tax-free), or sell drugs where there are no terms of income reported. These are just a few of my concerns. (I’m not planning to sell heroin again, or any other drug for that matter.) I’ll be at least a half-century once my sentence is completed and I can’t/won’t spend my remaining years in places like this.

I have 5 certifications in fiber optic and coaxial cable installation but due to my invalid driver’s license, I couldn’t be hired in the field on that technicality. My choice was to sell heroin. It was more lucrative and the benefits proved to be good at first, but the end result is this! That’s no good for me…

I’d like to know if you guys have a writing group. Where guys like myself could write to people. (Women who don’t mind conversing with a convict) not for the purpose of “dirty talk” or marriage but just for friendship. This time gets hard and sometimes you can get frustrated. Everyone in here is not your friend so you can’t relay your thoughts to most of these folk. I like all races and I’m not limited in my aspirations to be successful. I just thought that I’d ask…

Also, I get a lot of my books and author’s information from the USA Today newspaper(s), or the biochannel on dish network. I like to read true crime, autobiographies and Afro-American history. Of course, you already know this…

I’ll be looking forward to your next letter(s). I really appreciate you, your organization and what you guys stand for. I’d like more books if you can accommodate me. Thanks a lot, —-. Peace and blessings…

I’ll be more consistent in my letters.

In struggle,

L. N.

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