Poem: Power of a piece of metal

Power of a piece of metal

The power of a piece of metal

As it’s held in your hand

One spontaneous act of hate

Can choose the fate of man

Feeling the surge of power

That should only be left to a higher divinity

Holding the puppet strings you’re the master

To destroy all your enemies

One false move and a scene change

And you’re surrounded by american lights

but now it’s time to face the consequences

No matter how hard you fight

Now the powers taken

And the metal that you see

Is on the chest of an officer

Who thinks he owns me

Now the puppeteer has come

And you have no freedom of your actions

You wonder why but dare not question

For your fear that consequences that come if you ask him

Your tongue is stilled and fear runs deep

Is this what you did to others?

Reality sinks in as you finally realize

The ones you were killin were your brothers

Now the man who wears the metal, is one whom you obey

You realize he has no real power, but you’re in here and now it’s too late.

–Ryan W.

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