‘There is nothing so terrifying as a truly just man’


Dear (IOA),

The newsletter was amazing! The story about the autistic girl in the female pod almost brought me to tears. They are very lucky we cannot have intercommunications with them because if I was there when they harassed her I would not stand for it. I’ve had to stand up for people who couldn’t help themselves before during a stay I had at a mental health facility (I’m not crazy) and though I paid the price I made them answer to their consciences. I’ve been sparked with an idea. You should spread it. From now on when people write letters about abuses and struggles they should mention the c.o.’s name. That way should us inmates ever feel like showing we have our own flow of information, we can hold them accountable for what they did in other pods and they can only wonder how we know. I’d especially like to know the names of the officers abusing that autistic girl. It would be quite a play for me to molest their consciences by holding them accountable. I have some websites I’d like you to visit, especially movements.org It helps find advocates in the struggle for advancing human rights. Also, that project I was telling you about. It is in Cedar Hills in Carrboro, it is called the Hidden Voices Project. 1forall.us is a website about freedom of our first amendment which I believe may benefit us. Also, dietaryguidelines.gov, I would appreciate if you could get some information from there….I’m going to try to have our first IOA meeting today, maybe tomorrow once I gather everything I need to say. I’ve included a picture I drew, though I’m no artist I still enjoy drawing…Also if you happen to run by another copy of Feast of Crows book 4 of Game of Thrones series by George R.R. Martin that’d be awesome. I read in the first Game of Thrones a line/monologue he wrote that said, “There is nothing half so terrifying as a truly just man.” Very true. Very strong. Write back.

God bless,

S. V.

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