‘Sorriest jail I’ve ever seen’

July 20th

Sun nite


It’s a please to meet you! How did you come across my name? I got your letter dated the 16th of July and thanks for findin me!! Well, it’s good to know that in this state people care. I’m not from this state. I came here cause my mother and sister moved up here and end up gettin off into the life of crime–I was in Durham 4 months before I came to jail. —, this is the sorriest jail I ever been in, the trays are cold and half clean, plus the type trays they use the water get in them from the machine, it be soap water runnin out your tray as you eat. It’s bad that the c.o.s try to handle you cause they have the power to lock you back in your cell!! The feedback in the newsletter from the guys in here, and as I read what they write I say it’s the same on every floor even the woman pod (huh) that’s bad!!

You know it’s extra ruff for me cause I’m a long way from home, plus I don’t know anyone of these dudes in this jail, just the ones I’m in the pod — with, but I’m strong and my family loves me!

…— it would be nice if you can make that happen with the reading material. That would be a big help!! But I got your letter July 18th and I’m sendin you a respond out Mon. July 21st! O yeah, I love to write but ain’t did it like this in years due to the textin, email, etc., smartphones. But please be my friend. I got a lot to talk about an feel free to ask my anything cause I don’t have anything to hide. I’m cool and just got caught up for a min.

— if you know of anyone that would like to correspond with me on the pen pal tip–I’ll like for you to give them my name and address and let them know that I’m very respectful at all time and I’m not looking for nothing from them but friendship and to to talk with to help me long the way! But I’m from Alabama and I just was gettin money and got caught up–I was solo on my (times).

But I’m about to go the feds–yeah once we get to meet each other better I’ll tell you more about —–. That’s what’s up, —, and be good and god love you and pray for me!!

Your friend,


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