‘When you stand for nothing you’ll settle for anything’

First I wanna start by saying I’m sorry I haven’t been responding to letters, they’re greatly appreciated and probably the most supportive feedback I’ve got since I’ve been locked up, and I just got to say thanks, it means a lot being in my situation. Now, regarding your letter, I bet my good friend S. V. told you I was a cornerstone or key part to the inside resistance. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that. I’m a bouncer for bars and night clubs out there in the world. I’ve been doing that since I was about 15 years old, so I’ve got a chance to meet and get to know a lot of people. Maybe that’s why S– feel I’m important to the struggle. Hey, maybe I am and just don’t realize it.

See the things about a lot of the young black guys in here, they have very little motivation from the beginning, so when they’re met with an opportunity like the one the IOA gives they let it slip through their fingers. I hate to say it, but they have no determination to strive for making their situation better. They’re content. (note: the writer is a young black man. –ed.) And when you stand for nothing, you’ll settle for anything. Even I sometimes feel there’s no hope for me in my situation, even when there’s no evidence just my co-d saying I helped her. With just saying that I’ve been locked up for almost a year and a half. That kind of thing take motivation away. But I’m a person that believes there’s strength in numbers, and I’m all for your movement dog. I just wish it’s more that I could do for it. Send more ideas and me and S— will do our best. In one of your letters you mention you could help me with some books. I’ve been reading a lot of urban but I’m getting tired of filling my brain with that stuff. Anything educational will be greatly appreciated. Oh, yeah, a dictionary. I’ve really been wanting one of those (Webster) if possible.

Another incident. Some months ago, I witness some of the most bullshit I’ve seen here. A riot almost took place because of this asshole lady. A friend of mine, really tough guy come out for breakfast one morning and hit the floor crying in terrible pain. He had kidney stones passing through his bladder. Well, after we got the female officer she acted nonchalant about it and refused to call a nurse. Finally, after everyone in the pod started making a fuss about it she called for back up, they came in and shut the pod down after about 20 minutes of standing over him, questioning him, we watched these bastards make him crawl to his room, they half helped him, laid him down back on the floor and shut his door. It was a bout an hour before they got him some medical help. It was a fucked up scene to look at, man. I mean this guy has spent a lot of years in prison and nothing soft about him, to be crying and begging and pleading for some type of medical help. And these people to just act as if it didn’t matter to them if he got it or not was pure wrong. I really hope to leave this place soon. This place and these people will really take you somewhere else mentally.

Well, till next time, —, thanks for your letter in support. Hey, maybe I can put you on my list one month and we can meet in person. If not, the letters still mean a lot.

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