‘I hope and pray that things change for the better for everybody’

From B. T. to IOA 7/14/14

How are you doing good I hope. I am doing OK I guess, still being treated like an animal. How is everything on the outside. I really like the newsletter and thank you for putting my drawing of Scooby-Doo in there. My list of demands is short: to have better treatment as humans, better diets and food for my sickness. Some days I feel too tired to do anything. I try to work out some days to try to control my blood sugar. EPSON MFP image

Thank you for the pictures, can you please send some blank drawing paper so I can send you more pictures please. And you’re right some people are scared of standing up for their rights. I hope that will change one day. How else will things get better? I hope you like the picture…How do I get a letter put into the feedback so I can tell my story? I hope and pray that things really do change for the better for everybody. They say you’re innocent until proven guilty, but that’s a lie. It’s the other way around. Please write back soon and god bless you. Thank you.

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