‘I don’t have the means…’

It was nice to hear from you. First off, my bond got reduced from $500,000 to $50,000 with pre-trial release and House arrest. I don’t have the means to make the bond. I was trying to save my home before my arrest 10-27-13.  I have to have somewhere to stay on the house arrest monitor. My family don’t seem to want to help since I have nothing to give them. When I had money to give away I was the best. The bond now a 5% with a bondsman is $2,500 which I don’t have. I’ve been trying to go back in front of Judge Bushfan to get my bond reduced to an unsecured bond with the house arrest. Judge Bushfan shows more concern than the no-good court-appointed lawyer that I have. — seems to be working with the drug DA Yates. These so-called court-appointed lawyers are sell-outs at the best. I’m just letting you know what is going on with me in here. 

I don’t have the best of health. I’m a diabetic, high blood pressure, glaucoma and I’m in need of surgery on my neck. This will be the 3rd surgery I’ve had on my neck. Well, that’s all for now. Did you hear about the city council meeting on the police racial profiling the search and stops, also racial bias on the police’s part. The drug enforcement unit that targets blacks and hispanics. 

…I hope this bond gets unsecured. 



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