What We Want to Tell Durham


Ryan: 11 months without seeing my lawyer or going to court.

Jose: Coleman refused to feed me my lunch tray

Demon: Lock me back for taking my time to eat.

FLAME: C.O. Coleman tried to fight me because of my facial expression.

Joe: Cold water in the hole and unjust bonds.

Reinhardt: The jail has failed to provide any FRUIT! No apples, no pears, no bananas, no grapes, no berries, no melons, no oranges–in 3 years and 7 months.

Tito: I was locked because beef n greed in the free world, because I could be locked back.

Bull City: The officers beat you down in the hole.

Redsz: Food was not all the way done/ need more food.

Ronnie: they don’t want to provide hygiene products and are constantly out of supply. Have to go days without toilet paper.

Quadarius: Said my bond was too high to attend my grandmother’s funeral.

The MAN: ants on tray.

Gary: My lawyer Lisa Williams has not done anything for me in 6 months.

Ramirez: denied medical care because I’m ‘illegal.’

Butch: TVs blast all night, we are deprived of sleep, each officer turns pods their way–no order to anything.

Alex: No charges in North Carolina but being held here.

Abdullah: There is corruption from the police department to the jail house. How do you sell the food that we are supposed to receive. It’s not fair that palms are being greased at inmates’ expense.


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