Jailhouse Anthem

A hell of a way to live our days
Waking up each morning when somebody yells ‘trays!’
Police telling me when to eat and sleep
Now they saying I can’t have a pencil to keep!
Man all of this is more than I can take
In the cold of the nights, I get the shakes
Pod preacher man says love and peace
But he ain’t cured my homicidal tendencies
Look at the bright side, some of them say
And I in my abject misery
Kneel on the floor of my cell and pray
That someday I can return to society
I promised God a better man I would be
And to lie to Him is the worst of sin
Time to be the man mom wanted to see
And be a father to those children
One day coming I could have it all
Using the talents God has given me
But right now I just stare at cinderblock walls
Wondering if or when I’ll ever be free
I say the facts show I am innocent
But my public defender says that they’re irrelevant
Yeah I’m locked up but don’t offer me a plea
That is just going to annoy the hell out of me
A plea that I will have to refuse
Because I’m stuck in jail wrongly accused.


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