Summer Plans? Got none.

June 30, 2014

Hey! It’s been a month since I heard from you…Hope all is well and you are not in jail 🙂 How did the Friday the 13th protest go? Any media coverage? Your last letter you (asked) about Sgt Ellerbee and Ms. Walker…

As for Ellerbe: On the day I almost got in a fight and one of his officers said I hit them…He had me in the hallway in handcuffs…got within 3″ of my face and said “If I find out you swung on my officers…You know what time it is…(meaning they were gonna beat my ass). I watched them (det. officers) beat people regularly down in lock up…all while they were handcuffed! Officer Minor and Smalls are the worst…they need to be cuffed and beaten. 

*Ellerbee has many faces but being a man of integrity is not one of them…He is educated (ECU grad) but morally corrupt. He covers up “use of force” reports with lies and fabrications to justify unjustifiable actions. Yet he is DCDC’s star on the rise!

Ms. Walker: What the brothers call a “ghetto rat” or “hood rat”…DCDC mail lady, she’s rude, disrespectful and possibly a thief!

*Oct/Nov 2013 —from my church ordered me the new NC Crimes book but UNC sent the Old Crimes book. When I saw this error I immediately pointed it out to Ms. Walker she said no problem, she’d rts (return to sender)…problem is they never got the book back ($75), — never got a refund. I believe Ms. Walker kept, gave away or sold that book. …

Now, in all fairness, all officers at DCDC are not bad. Sgt’s Hodder and Jenkins are fair and decent!! They do not like what they see but…hell they need their jobs and they do good as they can!

I got the last batch of AOJ bulletins, thanks. I let a pal use a few and they shipped him out unexpectantly (not for the AOJs), point is I lost part of my AOJ library. Would you please be so kind as to replace…?

I also received two books and a dictionary/thesaurus a few weeks ago. Thank you…greatly appreciated. 

How’s your summer going? Any beach or lake plans? I have none! Duh!! I was turned down for minimum custody. Gotta wait 6 more months. I should get it in December, which will put me 1 year from work release…

Lastly, I saw the doctor a few weeks back. He ordered x-rays. The results showed some masses in my colon (intestines). Possibly tumors. Blood work was ordered and I have been referred to UNC Memorial. I think it is ironic. Most people refer to me as an asshole, and I may have asshole cancer (colorectal), of course that’s if the masses are cancerous. 

If so, I’ve decided to refuse any treatment. I have no family left, my girl has apparently left me. It is what it is…

Enclosed is a visit form. Sure would like a visit. Take care. Hope to hear from you soon. 

                                                                             In struggle,

                                                                             J-C R

Food 4 thought: 

Dr. King said: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” An unjust system metes out justice for the good of society. If society believes it is doing “good”, their ignorance is the genesis of injustice everywhere. Hence justice will never be done unless…


Please if you can. I’d love some type philosophy for dummies book (beginners) and a list and explanation of Aristotle’s Fallacies. 

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