Disgusted and stuck in limbo

Hi ____,

I’m doing ok in here, but I am a little disgusted though. They gave me 4 200mg Motrins three times a day for my tooth and backaches but I had to do a grievance on the medical staff to do that. One nurse even got mad with me because I wrote a grievance on her for messing up my medications. I have a health issue…. I have to go out to my doctor nearly once a month because the med staff seems to be incompetent. Anyway that’s not why I’m disgusted. I’m disgusted because I have been in this jail almost 5 months and I have not been to court one time and my so called lawyer has not come and talked to me in 4 months. She hasn’t got me a bond reduction or anything and I’m stuck here in limbo. I’m stressed about the whole issue but what can I do. The jail makes it worse with the lockback situation because if we don’t catch our door in 2 pops the guards want to take an hour or 30 mins from us for a 1 mi mishap. Damn!! What kinda shit is that. Savage!!! If we’re too loud (remember we have 60 people in this pod 5-A at a time) we get locked back. As a matter of fact, the day you guys had the protest they locked the jail down until the protest was over. They didn’t let us out until 10:15pm and we normally come out at 9:00pm to 9:30pm. They didn’t tell us why but of course we all know why, Security Risk is what they call it. Then this past Saturday, the elevators mysteriously stop working 10mins before we were to have V.I. (visitation). I’m speaking to more people inside about you guys and if you want I can send you names of people who are interested in our fight for better treatment of inmates. I want to applaud you guys again on the protest even though it meant a few more mins. behind this door, it was well worth it. A lot of people started banging on the windows and screaming but a sgt. came and made everyone stop. After that the mysterious lockdown. Also thanks for the books you sent to me. I’m reading one and studying the electrical book as maybe a new field to explore when I get out, thanks a lot!!! If you volunteer again (at Prison Books Collective) remember me when you see how-to or religious materials. I hope to hear from you soon.

In the fight,


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