‘My blood sugar stays high most of the time’

How are you doing? Thank you for the pictures and the letter. It’s nice to know that somebody cares about us. I have type 1 diabetes. They are giving me the wrong type of insulin. I’m supposed to have Humalog and Lantus. I also have P.T.S.D. And bipolar and schizofronic—I don’t know how to spell it. And they feed me


all the time. As a diabetic I should be on a A.D.A. diet, but that’s not what I get here. My blood sugar stays high most of the time. I am supposed to check my blood sugar four times a day, but they only check it twice a day. I go to court on July 14.
The demonstration was wonderful, and I guess because y’all did it they kept us locked in our cells when we was suppose to come out. But that’s ok keep applying the pressure to them.

I would love to join your organization when I am a free man to stand up for human rights. I have nobody on the outside but you all in my corner to back me up and I am very thankful for that. Yes, I draw and would love to send you all some pictures when I draw them. I have one boy and four girls, when I get to be a free man I need to find a job, and hope to join your organization. I would love to help out. They make us feel lower than dirt sometimes, but I try to keep my head high. I tried to get my family to come see me and drop some money off so I can have snacks for when my blood sugar is low, but they won’t help me, but I pray to God every day and night to help me. I would really like to meet you one day and shake your hand and thank you for the work you all are doing and yes I love to read, westerns and comics if you can send some.. Some day I want to be able to thank you in person for everything, you are very very kind and a wonderful person. Not too many people would care about somebody they do not know, so I am very thankful for you and everyone in the organization with all my heart and soul. They try to put us down but you lift us up. Thank you very much, and the pictures will be done by the time you write me again. Reply soon please. Have a good day. God Bless you…

B. T.

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