Lockback for checking out law book

June 18, 2014

Got your letters today, along with the petitions I wrote…I appreciate the memo you gave on my first letter. I liked your nickname, Call to Arms, haha. Perhaps if you sent a copy of it in each letter you all send out people may want to take action. A few people talked to me today, they want to write you all letters which I’ll include. I liked the (earlier pencil ban) petition. It sounds more professional. Either way I want to get a around 30 people from each pod to send it out at once. Maybe once Major Couch gets frustrated of having a cluttered mailbox he will take action…

Now I have a list of goals/demands that I believe us inmates at DCJ can achieve with IOA’s help. Thing is I need to present it to inmates who actually want change. I believe I will work on a speech or manifesto and call all IOA or future IOA members in the jail for a meeting. I want it to be a collective process like the zine I’ve been reading, so I don’t want to ‘preach’ to them. I want them to be involved so wording the sppech will be tough, but I’ll think it out. I want to tell you there’s an inmate here (don’t know his name) unjustly locked back for an officers’ lie. He took a law book from the library, one

    that was allowed

to be checked out. There are some that aren’t. The c.o. claimed it was one that isn’t allowed to be checked out even though it was. He was never taken to disciplinary court like our ‘rules’ say we’re supposed to. I was going to witness for him since I helped him put the other law books away and could claim he checked one out that he was allowed to. Lately I’ve been getting really sick of this place. I only wish I was smarter and better learned on my constitutional rights so I could assert them properly.

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