‘It’s never been about the people’

Dear IOA,
I’m honored to have received a letter from you. I don’t know if you picked my name from random off the DCJ website or what, all I know is it brightened my day up. Lord knows I need as much light as I can get in this dark place. God truly does work in mysterious ways. I saw y’all protesting (last week) and it was the first protest I’ve ever witnessed with my very own eyes. I was impressed to say the least.

Staring down that much opposition with no fear against a corrupt monstrosity as this jail and the police force that surrounds it was a bravery that put my street reputation to shame. I never knew an organization such as yours existed in this country let alone demonstrate outside the facility I’m currently held in. In reference to what you said about contacting people to get involved I suggest an organization called FADE (Fostering Alternative Drug Enforcement). You may have heard of them but they have the Durham police under fire about the racial profiling in drug enforcement officers. Every suspect in their cases were black or Hispanics. Ian Mance demonstrated the claim and he’s an attorney for the Southern Coalition for Social Justice. This article is from the News and Observer on March 13, 2014. It goes hand in hand with my case and why even though I’ve never threw a punch in my case my bond is triple that of people in here for 1st degree murder. I’m having a hard time understanding that.
(11 lines scribbled out)
…There’s been a shortage of paper recently so I had to recycle. LOL. This capitalist, money-hungry government has been getting away with taking from the people and crushing any resistance that tries to dig into their pockets. It’s never been about the people. Only the profit. They have a gangster’s mentality approaching the American people and it’s “Y’all better have our money right or else.” They’ll send the goons (police, sheriff) to collect. (SMH). And they call us “thugs.” Anyways, I hope to hear from your soon and keep fighting the good fight.
Knee deep in in the struggle,

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