Scared to oversleep

Hey IOA,
My name is E. N. I just got your letter, so here is my response. I been in jail for 7 months now. I only been to court once and only seen the lawyer once. Sent request forms to the judge and the lawyer offices trying to get a public defender since April “No Answer.” My motion of discovery show the lack of evidence they have in my case and still nothing happen. My fourth month here I got jump on by three men, one from prison, in my sleep. My face was swollen and purple and I had blood in both of my eyes. My left and right arm was purple from elbow to my wrists. I had internal bleeding in my left ear, still can’t hear that well now. Having bad back problems since then and can’t get the proper care. Ever since that happened to me I been traumatized scared to oversleep in the morning. Officers treat me different from any other inmate I guess it’s because my charges. They say smart comments about my charges in front of other inmates. I really need some help, if you can help me. I have a wonderful family out there that really need me home. My mom number is —-. You can reach her anytime before 5 pm. I love to read mostly anything. Need law books or learn more about my charges.

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