‘Just because we’re locked up, we’re no longer human’


My name is B. T. How are you doing? Good, I hope. I am an inmate at Durham County Jail. I am diabetic. They do not take care of my blood sugar the right way, and the officers don’t treat us with respect. The food is awful. They act like just because we are locked up we are no longer human, and this is sad to feel like we no longer have rights. And when the people come to do bible study, they rush them to leave. I feel like we should be able to learn all we can about God. And you only get 20 minutes to visit your family. I have five children that I love very much. They mean the world to me. Please help us to get better treatment as people. And can you please send me some…pictures, please, they for my children. Thank you.  God Bless You. Thank you.

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