‘Getting on my last nerve’

June 12, 2014

Dear IOA,

I’m ok, I’m still waiting to go home. How are y’all doing? Do y’all like the picture I drew? I gave y’alls address to one of my friends, so y’all should be hearing from him soon…I told him about y’all and then he wanted to write you, so I gave him the address to y’alls place. But anyway some of these security guards are really getting on my last nerve. They get mad over anything. I was talking to one of my friends, and the guy flashed the light right in my face. So I told him to stop flashing that light in my face, so he came up to my cell like he was going to do something. So I waited for him, he came in the doorway running his mouth like he’s all that. Then I told him, that he never should have flashed the light in my face, that was very disrespectful. And after I said that, he got more mad, then he started cursing at me and carrying on like a child. So I laughed at him, and turned my back and ignored him, then he slammed the door, like I was supposed to get mad or something, and walked away. People like him are childish to me.


But anyway, I don’t understand why rich people complain about taxes and stuff. THEY’RE RICH!!! That’s just stupid, but people like me, we got a (reason) to complain because we don’t get as much money as they do. It’s crazy!!!

So how did the art show go? What did people say about it? Were any people interested in the show. I will continue to tell people about y’all, it’s my pleasure! J

Thanks for the pictures….the dragon and the other pictures you hit right on point. Thank you so much. When I seen I got mail from y’all, it lighten up my mood, so thank y’all A LOT! J



Next time when you send some pictures, can you send some blank paper, too, if you don’t mind? Thank you!!

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