‘My first encounter with law enforcement’

June 4, 2014

Dear (IOA),

How are you doing? Sorry it took me so long to write you back, R told me about Inside-Outside Alliance. I just want you to know that I really appreciate what you guys are doing, trying to help the folks in Durham County Jail. You might know that I’ve been here a year, to be honest with you this is my first encounter with Law Enforcement & Justice System. Boy, it really (has) opened my eyes. I never thought they can just keep you locked in jail for so long with basically nothing. I haven’t been to court in 10 months. I feel like they can just drag on as long as they like while left me rotting in jail. This isn’t what “land of the free” feels like. And I’m not gonna complain to you about food, or lockback time, etc. because I think you’ve heard enough of that. Anyway, they’re supposed to take us to the library every week, but we’re lucky if we can go once or twice a month. So, I really appreciate it if you can send me some books. I like fantasy and classic also. If you have Ramayana or any other literature about Buddhism, if you don’t can you tell me some organizations about Buddhism in the USA that can send me some materials cause they don’t have anything about it here. And I appreciate it if you can send me newsletters. I hope to hear back from you. Take care!

Bear with me if I made some grammatic errors. English is not my first language.



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