Drown in my emotions, so I seem to push them aside

My name is J. B. I’m sixteen years old, and a hispanic male. I been in durham county facility for little over a month. Also I feel that there’s to meet the eyes about what goes on here. Fed that letters dont make it home and every by standard is being played, just cause the government officials have a little more power and they take advantage of it. I also feel that everyone works against the inmates, but supposedly they’re supposed to help. M and R told me to write a letter regarding how I feel instead I wrote some poetry, cause that’s what I do best, thank you or listening. Sincerely, JB (Amazing Poem Below)



I feel that my childhood been a blur, I have seem to grow up a little too fast. Seen my father be tooken back to his native land Look at my mother struggle on her future plan I been where a kid skips childhood in order to be a man Heard officers take teenage lives just for a promotion I had thought I was in paradise, but I was scared of the ocean   Know how to swim but I afraid I’m drown Drown in my emotions so I seem to push them aside None of my friend/family talk n our problem’s behalfs Just wave the pain with grams and halfs I learned on the corner that you make the money and don’t let it make you never wanted a 9 to 5 I’m just another Hispanic male with ink on my body and scars on my soul with a orange jumpsuit on, I feel like I was parachuting into failure, cause to them I’m just a number BII9864, felony charge for kicking doors could I at least see the inside of the court

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