Mail grievance

This is the mail grievance we wrote:

For Major Couch. Pertaining to mail. It has come to my and multiple other inmates’ attention that our mail is being denied, held, or thrown away without our consent or acknowledgment. Many of us have received letters stating that letters sent to us were sent back unopened. Other inmates have seen mail and magazines unopened in the trash. Still yet others have received mail well passed the mail’s arrival date to the jail. This is immoral, corrupt and illegal. We request professional oversight of our mail services, which is our legal right and reasonable expectation.

With God’s blessing our grievance worked en masse…

Oh, yeah, today my attorney came to visit another inmate. I managed to get into the attorney booth, but right before I reached the booth she left. I asked my friend what happened. He said “I told her your name and she ran.” LOL, WTF? I don’t know if that’s good or bad. She’s supposed to be for me, right? But in this world, who can really tell who’s for you?

Won’t wear a collar forever,

R. W.

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