Fed up with certain officers

I’m fed up with the way some of these young officers treat inmates. In particular, Officer Jackson, Ms. Burton, Ms. Tumor, and Officer Perry. They all seem to come to work with chips on their shoulders. When these officers are on shift, it’s gonna be a bad day. It seems as if they bring their home lives to work and take their problems out on us inmates because we’re incarcerated. The smallest infraction will get you locked back and, as inmates we don’t know what to expect from them. There are other officers that act a certain way at different times but these are the ones I had enough of dealing with.

I am 36 and they treat me like one of their kids. I remember one time we were having bible study in the multipurpose room and officer Perry came in and told us to stop clappin our hands. We stopped but only because he said he would make us come out if we didn’t. We were disgusted. But anyway I hope to keep in touch while I’m in here to keep you guys updated since I’m still in here. Also, shout out to Skittles, he’s doing a good job spreading the word.

H. M.

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