A Great Injustice

I’m a inmate at the Durham Co. jail. I’m also a black male. I have drug charges that consist of 20 Vicodin, 5 $10 rocks of cocaine. I’m charged with trafficking in opiates. The pills consist of 0.03 milligrams of hydrocodone each. My bond was $500,000. It took 5 months to get it reduced to $50,000 plus pretrial release house arrest. I’ve seen people with murder charges get bonds reduced quicker than I did. I’ve also been charged with 3 habitual warrants. I feel that the white officer in charge of these cases is racially profiling blacks. They’re using junkies and convicted felons as police, in which the police department is paying them. There is a great injustice being committed against black and people of color in Durham.

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