Giving hell back


Thank God we’ve got an organization such as you all out there that care cause if you didn’t, who the hell would? I’ve been in DCJ for 13 months now, and I’ve seen my share of BS. For example, New Year’s Eve night. The same night you guys showed up and showed support for us. While looking out the window at you guys the c.o.s were walking the pod, maybe eight to ten of them. They didn’t like the fact that I was cheering you guys on, and got upset when I didn’t stop. 

Well they felt as if I needed to go to the hole for it, me and my roommate. Of course I gave them Hell, when I got down there I argued with a couple of them and they put me in a cell, no shirt or shoes or socks. Now, mind you that the hole is like a fridge when it’s cold and a sauna when it’s hot. After about 4 hours of waiting I started kicking the door for attention. When I got it I asked for my mat, my shirt and covers. He looked at me and laughed then told me he ain’t have nothing for me. You know I’ve been here a year and it’s amazing how bad one human being can treat another when a little bit of power is put in their hand. Sometimes they act and look at us as if we’re not even a person, it’s really terrible. I had one guy give away my dinner tray (the last tray of the day at 4:00). When I asked him to call me up another he acted as if he wouldn’t do it. Finally after everyone eats he goes in and get me one. If I can remember correctly we had patties for dinner. He brings me two pieces of bread, a big slop of peanut butter and a side of apple sauce. When I told him I was a grown man and needed a real meal, he laughed and said that’s all I can do for you, and walked off. It took for me to throw my tray on the ground to get his superior’s attention and get a real meal. I shouldn’t have to go through that for a real meal. IOA, you guys should go to Mayor Bell, and if that don’t work go higher. It’s only so much disrespect we can take sometimes.

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