‘The state in its infinite wisdom’

…As to DCDC and mail…any news from NCPLS or NCACLU? …I think I sent you a case I had on mail correspondence: Wolff v. McDonnell…I believe that to be prevailing law on this issue…but without access to research materials I can’t know for sure. Speaking of which, enclosed is the response to my appeal of one of your correspondences to me. DENIED, but check out  the DATES. I had three days to choose what to do with it. Well, I didn’t get it until 3 days after the date!!! I can’t file a grievance because I’m grieving issues with medical right now (only 1 grievance at a time).

Well we have a new (warden) superintendent here. So far he has made a lot of changes…for the GOOD! He is an old time “convict type” of warden.! Good for us! He wants to make our time easy as possible.

In closing I offer a short “pithy” quote:

As I sit here watching the Sgt. in his blue uniform I can’t help but picture him in a McDonald’s uniform, flipping burgers b/c he couldn’t run a McDonald’s. Yet the state in its infinite wisdom deems him adequate to supervise incarcerated persons who are superior to him in intellect, strength and heart.

We raise ourselves above those who are too stupid to know they are below us!

(Come in peace but be prepared for WAR!)

Peace to you and your family!

In struggle,



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