Hazing and harassment

Here’s a copy of a grievance I wrote to Major Couch. Maybe you will be able to do something with it. They are really messing with me and it’s the whole jail even the mail lady Ms. Walker. Thanks.


I have grievances against Sgt. Hundley and Officer Cody. Hundley refused to give me a tray from the big stack I did not feel safe eating the tray he gave me and so I couldn’t eat. He refused to allow me to put mail in the box myself as I do not trust them they constantly harass me (Cody and Hundley) through radio and verbally calling me a faggot and hazing me to other inmates. Cody wouldn’t allow me to write a grievance while everyone is locked back. By the way I am on observation for my own safety. I am…on meds but I know these aren’t delusions or hallucinations. I’m sure you’ve probably heard of me seeing it’s been 2 years and some months that I’ve been here. A lot of officers are in on this. I don’t know how high up this goes. Officer Smalls is a really big hazer to me and an older Italian man Sgt. or Lt. threatened me saying he had something for me. Thank you.

D. Q.

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