‘To be honest, the world is at its limit’

Hi, YingYang

How are you doing? I just going to say this, jail isn’t for me! I HATE IT! I don’t want to be here anymore, I want to go home with my family. I love them soooooooo much! I hate being away from them. I hate knowing that they have to visit me in jail. I was supposed to be bonded out last week, but I guess it was either me or the bills. It looks like the bills won. 😦 OK, jail is crappy, 100%, the police will lock anyone up over anything (truth or lie), they don’t care to me and the world, hahaha, to be honest, the world is at its limit (if you know what I mean), people are turning against each other, the air is constantly polluted, the world is too violent for me. I watch the news and it’s always talking about murder, assault, missing people, bad weather (some times), accidents, bad things. It talks more about bad things than good things. What do you think about stuff like that? Y’all can put my name on it if y’all want to, it’s ok with me! I’m sending 4 pictures I drew. I hope you like them. I’m not understanding how and why are they sending your mail back, if they don’t know what it is. That’s straight childish and pathetic to me. I see other people get paper, pictures, and envelopes from their families in the mail, so why are they sending y’alls stuff back? I don’t get it. The kind of comics I like is Naruto, DragonBallZ, OnePiece, Inuyasha, BoBoBo, Zatch Bell, The Boondocks, XMen, The Justice League, Kerby, Street Fighter, but if y’all can’t find the comic books, pictures of the characters is good, too. Some of the names aren’t spelled correctly, I tried the best I could. When I leave from here I will contact you all. Thank you for writing me!

F. B.

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