‘What’s the whole point of it?’

heartin handDear IOA,

To be honest with you, I’m not sure how I feel right now! I’m going through so much in here. Some guards that come in for work act like they don’t want to be here. The ones that act like they don’t want to be here, treats us like straight trash. They talk about us, they don’t like opening the doors when we need them to, they don’t like feeding us when it’s time to, they leave the trays out in the hallway until they feel like feeding us, (only some crews do that not all), some crews don’t like giving us supplies when we need it. We can be looking right at it, and if they are not in the mood to get up, they will tell us they don’t have any (knowing that they are lying.) I feel like this, if they don’t want to be bothered with us, they need to go to another pod or they need to find another job, if they can. That’s how I feel about this place. It’s cheap. :< But anyway, how are you doing? Thank you for writing back, and if you had sent anything to me, I have not got it, only your letters! 😦 I don’t know why they treat us like this, it really bothers me. I’m sending you four of my drawings, I hope y’all like them. 🙂 I really don’t like it, that they mess with our and y’alls mail. On a personal level, I HATE stuff like that. :< What’s the whole point of it, do you know? I don’t know!!  But thank you again for writing me. If I ever get the stuff y’all send to me I will tell y’all, and I will share the news OK! Thank you again.

F. B.


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