‘Now you know who really runs this jail’

May 5, 2014

What’s up —,

I’ve FINALLY got a letter. I was getting a little discouraged that I wasn’t going to get another, but I should have known better, that DCJ was up to something. I have NOT moved pods or been locked back, so there’s no plausible explanation why these crooks sent back my mail. They must know something. I’ve been telling inmates about the I.O.A. Many like what they hear but don’t want to stand for something greater. I was talking to an inmate who agreed this place could use change, but when I mentioned unifying he just lost interest. I believe this happens to many inmates for 2 reasons. 1. Because many of them are young and don’t give a damn. They don’t understand we can make a permanent change. Even when they do they don’t care because it doesn’t concern them that much. A sad generation I’ve been born into where they hate the oppression, but won’t fight it. Ironic, considering (sadly) most of them will be back here with the same regulations as before which they could have changed during their first ‘visit.’ 2. Because it’s not easy enough to understand or fight against. People act more on simplification. It’s like buying a ticket to the movies. You simply wait in line then purchase the ticket. So simple that many people go to see movies. But the lack of experience or examples of give the inmates a lack of confidence. Their situations are difficult enough already so they don’t want to be challenged anymore in a situation they won’t know well. Recently, a c.o.and I were talking. I asked why we were getting out on Saturday mornings for clean-up, instead of locking back until everyone was done. He told me Aramark and Pay-Tel basically told the jail ‘WTF, why aren’t we getting our money on Saturday mornings?’ So to solve that they started letting us out. Then the c.o. said “Now you know who really runs this jail.” I think he meant Ararmark and Pay-Tel, but since the inmates pay for it, doesn’t that give us the power? I told an inmate about this and how if we denied Pay-Tel for a week we could make a serious change, before I could finish he stated, “Nah, man, I gotta talk to my girl.” I tried to tell him it would pay off in the long run, but he just turned into a broken record. I want to be a better speaker. Words are stronger than any sword and can fell fortresses. About that grievance. I’m going to place it, but obligation for them to reply is ZERO. I’ve had a grievance go 30 days without an answer, then it gets closed. But as long as it’s on record that’s all that matters. Recently there was a fight 2 on 1. After the fight the sarge said that we couldn’t come out our rooms if we had shoes on. Yes, really. Like we can’t still fight if we didn’t have them on. Anyways, it led to many inmates walking in their socks because they didn’t have shoes. This place gets worse. Every day. I’ve been here one year since May started and haven’t been to court or seen my lawyer since August! They’re some pretty good jokesters since they still don’t have a court date set for me yet. Every time I ask the court c.o. if he’s going to take me he replies, “Are you ready to take a plea?” Ha. Innocent inmates don’t do that. At least not this one. I think what I’m going to do is make an inmate council. Gather ideas and plan. I really want to jump head first into this, but sometimes it’s easier to ease into the water and slowly go fully in. Any progress is progress.

I forgot a story that happened months ago. Mr. R. commented to the laundry c.o. “If your service went any slower it would go backwards.” The c.o. took his blanket and left him with none. If Mr. R. wasn’t able to buy a new one he STILL wouldn’t have one. Also, I got locked back a few weekends ago for 2 days. I raged at a c.o. who wouldn’t let me in my room, for my spoon to eat when trays came. He said ‘No, I called for spoons earlier.’ This ignited my rage. I listened INTENTLY for him to call for spoons and he never did. The fact he lied made me angry. I let my tongue loose and after the insults were flung I got locked back for 2 days. But every dark tunnel has its light. For the rest of the weekend he called for spoons before each meal. I like to believe it was from my criticizing him and calling his lie. I may not have went at it the best way, but catching them in their lies and then exploiting them seems to work. You may suffer for it, but as shown, you get results. I also found out the c.o.s aren’t allowed (according to their handbook) to lock you back for more than an hour without a write up. Whether that was a blessing from God or that c.o.’s guilty conscience I don’t know. Probably both. Thank you so much for sending my info to F. T. I haven’t heard from her yet, but when I do I’ll write her immediately. Every bit of help counts. Also, my (friend) named I.Y. would write back if you mailed him. He’s a great guy and he’s in here also… I haven’t used Pay-Tel in a month and a half now. My own little cut of the pie. I don’t get canteen so I can’t get stamps without difficulty. So it would really help if you could send me a set of stamps. What I plan on doing is getting the inmates to write IOA letters and then sending it myself…This will open the gate for more inmates to hopefully start communicating with you…

Some days are better than others,

Ryan W.

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