‘The people believe with all their hearts that they need the system to survive’

from a “convict” in a state facility.

Hey (IOA),

How is it going? It’s funny because I’ve been here now for about 2 months and I’ve finally settled in so I was going to write you to say hi and see whats going on and all of a sudden I get a letter from you.

First off, I’m doing good, I mostly live inside my head because it is the only place “they” cannot affect. I stay busy by working out, playing soccer, volleyball or basketball and I read a lot. I also just recently got a job in the kitchen on the morning shift. I make 40 cents a day I think, the highest paying job in there is $1.00 a day so what people say about slavery is correct. We get to eat a little extra but if you’re like me you take as much as you can, fuck them. If I get caught they will probably fire me, but I won’t get caught. Lol.

As for the crap going on, I think we should stay objective about the fact being that some of us convicts get into a lot of shit because of how they go about their lives, so be careful. But I stay objective because I don’t have too many emotions that arise often. I personally have only seen guards on power trips; for instance, there is this yellow line in the middle of the hallway on our way to chow. We the convicts are supposed to stay to the right of it. Not all of us do, certain guards or babysitters as I like to call them, will throw a hissy fit if you cross it. Most of the babysitters don’t care about the rule. But this kind of power trip is everywhere you go. As for people getting punished for speaking spanish, I don’t believe that because I’m around Spanish people a lot and they are always speaking spanish in front of the baby sitters and I ain’t ever once heard a baby sitter tell them to stop speaking spanish. As for an assault I don’t doubt it but I ain’t seen it, that sort a sht happens in the hole where other convicts can’t see it , but I could see it happening.

As for the feedback #4 to get around that just photo copy it onto a regular sheet of paper and send it to me like that. Most times they don’t read the letters so if it’s a sheet of paper (just like the sheet you sent me in this last letter) it will slip right on by them unnoticed.

That’s crazy about Durham mail room, but again, where there is a will, there is a way. So when you write an inmate or as I call us convict just use another name on the envelope, maybe that will help.

By the way, I call us or myself anyway a convict instead of an inmate because an inmate wants to be in here and a convict does not. If you’ve ever seen “The Chronicles of Riddick” it explains it in there when Riddick goes to that prison.

But anyway, as for your course of action, I know what I wold do but it’s highly illegal and I’m stuck in here. So I won’t mention it. 🙂 But some ideas, well let’s see…see the problem is that it’s a jail so even if you brought it to a federal level with the whole mail thing, the jail can just say it somehow poses a threat and then they would be justified in doing it. So my legal ideas to get around it I’ve already stated above, using another name, photocopy that kind of stuff.

The thing that sucks is the main people that could help like the governor and D.A. and judges don’t care that it’s happening. So what you got to do is make enough noise that they have no choice but to do something. And how you do that is to piss the “voters” off (the people) which you were doing with the newsletters but only so many people read those, but lots of people watch TV namely the news. So your answer is the media. But the problem is the media is not going to bit if you don’t have proof, so I’d say your first move would be to find or get cold hard proof physical proof not he said she said bullshit, even thought that their accounts will be helpful later on in the fight. Media wants a good story and that’s what you have to give them. Take the story of the spanish boy that they killed in the cop car “Jesus” I think. See how the media got involved but yet still the government covered it. So yes, the legal way is going to be rough, your first step cold hard facts, second step selling it to the media and third step hoping it works. Because the government also has a hold of the media as well. For instance, cop kills someone the media portrays them as a hero; I shoot a cop the media calls me a terrorist. The problem is the people are blinded by a system who wants control and this system knows how to manipulate the people. By making the people believe with all their hearts that they need the system to survive.

Think about it: Back in the day we farmed or hunted to eat food. Today all major cities and small ones too, their people get hungry they go to the store or fast food place and buy a premade food. The people now a days don’t have to work for their food. They are dependent on a food organization to feed them. Most all governors run a campaign promising to reduce crime. They use the media to spread terror throughout the people and therefore vote for the governor that’s trying to build a concentration camp. People nowadays are lazy and weak, but most of all they are scared. Scared of doing anything without some help along the way.

It’s funny because I’m a quiet person, I don’t talk much, never have really. My mom tells me I never really spoke till I was 3 and still to this day don’t. I believe actions speak louder than words. So I just sit back and watch things, people, everything and I learn from them. When I was in Durham a C.O. told me she couldn’t believe that I shot the cop, said it just doesn’t seem like me. Other inmates can’t believe it either because I don’t start problems, I just stay to myself. The problem is that they just haven’t met people like me, calm and collected. The vast inmate population is loud and hyped up all the time. They argue amongst themselves over dumb shit. Only worried about a few select things. Drugs, money and women. Family is in there, too. Not all of them are like this but most. It’s mainly the same for all groups, white, black and Spanish (sic), but if you pay attention some areas are more important.

For instants for a month I was in a pod where all of them had a routine, every night they had TV shows they watched. Every Sunday they watched The Race. All of it, missed Rec just to see it, betting and losing on The Race. There was an older man who got up everyday to watch black and white show on TV in the morning. Another one had to sit in the same place in the chow hall or he won’t eat. There was white guys claiming to be Indians just to smoke. And all of them looked at me weird because I hang out in my room most the time.

The pod I’m in now they play cards games, poker or spades or dominoes all day. They watch basketball every game and when they do they bet and yell at the TV like the players can hear them. There’s a guy in here who set his chair in the same spot to watch TV and if you move it he has a mental breakdown. I hear them talk of their gangs or women or they will rap.

And it’s the same when you go to the yard. I think it’s sad that these guys have been beaten down by the system so much that now they worry about these small things. If another inmate threatens their image they feel they must fight over a few words. This is what keeps them in and out of the hold, this is what keeps them weak; they know not who they truly are therefore they cling to an image and protect it or try to but in reality it brings them down because the truth is to survive this world you must be able to adapt to anything, you must let go of your emotions and sometimes your pride to get to the next step.

Do you think I like these babysitters? No! I hate them just as much as I hate cops and almost every night I think of killing them and every time one talks to me crazy of course I want to tell them what I think of them or even beating their face in, but why? Why do these things now? I’ll just go to the hole for day or years depending on what I do, no that will not help my purpose or goal so I let it go. I don’t say anything, I smile and go on with my day. And this is what I shall do until the time is right.

Well I’m gonna change the subject now…Honestly what needs to happen for us to see change is a civil war, but people are weak!

Until the next time

Mike B.

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