‘I applaud the uprising of all those angry and sick and tired of the DPD’


on the envelope: Who Am I? What Am I?

Hey ___,

First I would like to say I am sorry for not writing you sooner. I’ve just been trying to find my niche here. So, I would like to talk about Chuy. I know him from Durham County Jail, he was in 4-C with me early in 2013. He turned 17 in 4-C with us, he was one of those kids that you thought there was more for him than this shit. I first heard about Chuy it was when I received your letter (when I was) at Craven with my drawings you sent back to me. It didn’t register with me what 17 year old kid you were talking about until I made it to Green C.O that I was up early one morning and was watching WTVD 11 that I saw his picture and then the name hit me. “Chuy” NO! It can’t be. So I made a point to get up early to follow this story…(omitted)

No, the jailers at DCDF didn’t give a shit about any of these young guys. I believe I have written before about no plans for these young kids of structured environment or schooling in the jail for these kids! Which is just wrong. If you could get his family’s address or just write them on my behalf and honestly give them my hope and prayers for Justice in Chuy’s behalf…
Now, I don’t believe for a second that he killed himself and I applaud the action and uprising of all his friends and family and all those angry and sick and tired of all the bullshit the Durham Police are doing. It is sad that this happened. If this goes unanswered in Durham it will continue to happen!!
So if there is anything that I can help you with, questions, or art, I would be more than happy to.
Now I’ll let you in on what’s going on with me. I have been doing my time the best way I know how: Drawing, Smoking 🙂 all I can working and trying to do the best I can which is hard when you get caught selling tobacco two write ups in one week, a c3–disobeying a direct order–10.00–and a B16 for selling tobacco. My job here at this facility is electrical-plumbing-maintenance. I’m in a dorm with some good guys. The best way I can say that I relate to this is we are all good men we just got caught up in one thing or another and got caught. I have some problems of my own and since you are the first person I have wrote or tried to communicate with on the outside it is just he way I do my time I haven’t heard from my kids since August, and it is trying. And I am in constant thought about this or that. Well, anyway what else is going on in Durham at the jail with B.T. and JC, write them and tell them I said what’s up. And stay strong on and tell Snap that I’m here with Buck! And I hope we all see the outside soon and what’s up with AK, where is he. Definitely write him and tell him I said what’s up. And I’ll try writing with a “norm de plum” say that, he will get it. Let him know for he will be getting out before me but I am really looking forward to talking with him again. And put in your next newsletter that Chris Clifton said what’s up to all the inmates at Durham County Jail and Bull City is Everywhere and are strong for that is the way we were brought up. Now my drawing is still going on and I am sending some and I’ll be sending more very soon! And please send some large envelopes to put my drawings in and can’t wait to get some new books from you guys (IPBC), also send some of you guys’ newsletters like the last 2 issues I’ll be waiting for them. Let me wrap this up and —, thanks and keep searching for the truth and stay vigilant. It does help us that we know there are people who give a shit about us and are willing to be our voice on the outside!!
                                                                                                                                  your friend in the struggle,
                                                                                                                                  Chris Clifton
P.S. the arabic on the envelope says Left = Who Am I
                                                                 Right = What Am I

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