‘There are a lot of things that is going on’

Hey how are you doing? My name is Troy’s Love. There are a lot of things that is going on at the Durham County Jail. There is a inmate that is here and she get treated like shit, they deny her one hour a day. I have eyewitnessed her get beat by an officer. The inmate is autistic and when she don’t get attention or get her way she acts out, hurts herself, and still gets treated like she’s less than a human. They have this chair here that you have to be handcuffed to by your arms and legs and on the instructions it says that you can only be in this chair up to 2 hours and this inmate has been in the chair for 3 days and more in a row. There are 3 pregnant women here and it takes them 30 plus to go to the hospital or to a prenatal appointment. These guards are having sex with the inmates and are offering to have sex with them. The guards have they picks and favorites. We don’t never come out of our cell on time, , the trays come whenever they want to and we have to rush and eat because of something we couldn’t control or eat in our room where we use the bathroom at and our toilets don’t flush right away. It flushes 2 times a hour automatic. So you see how unpleasant that is. My last comment—I thought it was innocent until proven guilty? Here in Durham County Jail we are guilty until proven innocent.

Please send me some books.

Can I get a copy of the newsletter too.

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