‘I’m glad I’m not in Durham jail anymore’

Does the perception, and lived experience, that no prison could be worse than Durham jail lead some to plea?

April 3,2014


What’s been happening on the frontline(s)? I’m doing well, considering where I am. My mother always talks about how pleased she is with the message(s) that you guys are sending to the Durham P.D. and other facilities alike.

Every time that I’ve written a letter/ response to you, I never get an answer in return. I don’t know if there’s a mix up at the post office or if these people are holding my letters from you. While I was at Columbus C.I., the books that you sent were never given to me.  I was never called to the mailroom to sign for any books. Did they send them back to you? I was really looking forward to reading those novels by Elmore Leonard. I’d appreciate it if you could send them to me here, at this facility.

I knew that it was only a matter of time before the “powers that be” at the DCDC would flex their muscle on those held captive in that desolate place. I’m glad that I’m not there anymore. I read the inmate’s articles and I feel their pain, but no one wants to band together and voice their concerns. They might need to write a certified letter to Larry Stogner (WTVD 11 News), and try to get some publicity going/light shed on the discomforts, medical practices, outrageous commissary prices, etc. that take place inside the DCDC.

My mom often talked about how disrespectful the officers were towards her whenever she came there to visit with me. It made me very angry that I wasn’t able to be there and protect her. Had I heard them speaking to her negatively, I’d have gotten another charge for sure.

I really appreciate you keeping me mother and myself informed. Your kindness will never be forgotten. Keep doing what you do. Until next time…

Peace and blessings,


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