‘If they catch a body, they get away with it’

What’s up, —, it’s me D—. You said you just sent me some books recently, not that I know of. I haven’t had any yet. I’ve been in prison since January 16 and let me tell you this place is much better than (Durham) county. Canteen is cheaper, the food is better. The only thing I really don’t like is that the C.O.s are very, and I repeat, very racist. People get sent to SEG for hardly nothing. I haven’t caught a write up since I been here. When the C.O.s say some smart shit to me I just laugh and keep it hot on them before I let them know what’s on my mind. This prison is a closed custody prison, so we barely come outside. We’re supposed to come out twice every week and that’s if the sergeant ain’t too tired, if it’s not too hot, too cold, raining, snowing, it got to be just right. Other than that I just been cooling, minding my own business and eatin my own food and listenin to my own radio.

It’s crazy in Durham. They not letting the mail you all send get through, now that’s crazy. The county is probably getting tired of this critical info flowing in and out of the jail. Since you see that they are not letting it through, you should change the tactics, instead of puttin — IOA/ P.O. Box 1353/ Durham, NC 27701, you should change the name and address. I know it won’t last forever but as soon as they find out change the name and address again. 

I feel sorry for the 17 year old Jesus (Huerta). It’s literally impossible to shoot yourself in the head when your hands are handcuffed behind your back. The police officer should get life without parole. They supposed to serve and protect, not kill and get away with it and still have the same fucking job. If they doing that, there shouldn’t even be a police force if they doing the same thing we’re doing. The only thing is if we catch a body, we get 10-30 years. If they catch a body, they get away with it. Now, —-, where is the justice in the world. 

OK, it’s about that time, so bye, and write back please.

Keep up all of this that is boxed in (red above) should be in volume 5 feedback. Tell me what you think.

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