April 1, 2014

Dear IOA,

What’s up? Thanks for the letter it does me good to get one, I already get so few, so it’s appreciated to get one; especially someone who is for me. Each letter is an inspiration to strive further knowing progress is being made. I read a story just recently on a war hero named Jeremiah Denton who recently passed away. He was a P.O.W. and during his whole time he NEVER gave in. He was beaten, tortured, starved, etc. Us INMATES need that attitude. The thing is we are going to be treated like shit either way so why not give them a reason? We need to wear each bruise they give us as a badge of honor for standing for truth. Because truth is always justice, but justice is not always truth. Just because we are inmates does not mean we can’t be justified. Not necessarily in our cases, but for our (and other) inmates’ rights in here! A inmate I’ve recently befriended has helped me beyond measure that he doesn’t even realize. You see I’ve become so conditioned and used to the treatment here that I let small things (cold food, messy rooms after shakedowns) slide, but he always complains. Which is correct! He’s reopening my eyes. Live by these following words: WHATEVER WE DON’T FIGHT FOR THEY WILL TAKE FROM US! You see when teamwork is put to work we can accomplish much. The thing is the D.O.s and sarges can act like they don’t care about us unifying and lock the whole pod back, but it scares them. They know if we can unify for small things, greater unification can happen for larger things. We can’t be looking for a ‘win.’ Now what I define as a ‘win’ is total conquerment from the inmates. No, what we need to look for is an agreement. With an agreement us inmates can still get what we fight for without the jail feeling like they’ve lost. If the jail feels like it’s going to lose it may (keyword) not give in. The jail might realize if they given in once we will unify everytime until we have supreme control and may never budge. What we need to do is start bigger than what we want and let the jail “talk” us down to something smaller (which we will be what we were actually aiming for). The core of the problems is the sheriffs office who sets the bogus rules here. Major Couch just “enforces” them the way he wants. We need I.O.A. to protest outside the sheriffs office. When we unify against the officers the best offense is to out logic them. This doesn’t take being smart, 90% of the time it’s using their own actions and words against them. Proverbs 25:15 states that ‘With patience you can cause even rulers to change their minds. A gentle tongue can break the strongest bones.’ We must be patient, but steadfast in our stand against our injustices here. Don’t lie to yourself. Don’t say you have no rights here. You are a human being. You have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. You have the right to free speech. It’s time to start taking advantage of what our forefathers outlined for us. All of us. Think about slaves. They were brought here and were given no rights. Now whites, blacks, hispanics, asians, indians, pacific islanders, and the like are all equals. It did not come without years of struggle. If you’re going to be here make use of your time. For everything we change for good here will help the inmates here forever. When you’re gone home or in prison, you can know YOU made a change that will forever help others. Just the other day, Saturday, I got into an altercation with a D.O. who locked me back. As soon as I was let out I went straight to the same D.O. and confronted him. I called him out on the beatings of inmates and other bogus actions of the D.O.s. Of course he tried to laugh it off and denied all allegations. Such a victory. To make that man lie to himself. He can only hurt himself doing that. Also, we had 3 shakedowns in ONE day. On the end of the last one as the last inmate was locking back he commented out loud, ‘Nothin.’ Rubbing the fact that the D.O.s wasted all that time doing shakedowns to find nothing. The look on the D.O.s faces was a Kodak moment. Not one of them said a word. Though small, they were still examples of victories. We’ve got to take our victories when we get them, no matter how small. I’m not from Durham (I’m from Delaware) so I can’t get any contacts from around here to help I.O.A. I’m going Pro Se very soon which means I will be representing myself. With this I will help inmates get some charges dropped if I can. Another strike against DCJ. Anything not for them is against them. I will start informing inmates this very night. Expect some more letters if it be God’s will. I thank the lord we got each others’ at all. I’ve got some ideas I’ll withhold for now and run by the inmates and then if they’re for it then I’ll send an update. Also, stamps are needed if you could help. I don’t get canteen and it may influence more inmates to write if I could mail the letter for them so it wouldn’t cost them anything.

In good health,

S. W.

Proverbs 23:16-My heart rejoices when you stand up for what is right.

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