‘I want people to know what happens behind these walls’

The assault referred to in this letter is described in detail by another inmate here. The writer was assaulted in Durham in February, then transferred to Polk CI, but his current location is “not public information.” 

Hello —, this is D and I want to thank you people for bein with me through times like this, and I just want to tell you that I do want to sue the (Durham) sheriff’s department for $ and sue the Durham County jail for $ for pain and suffering because the sheriff’s department allowed this to happen, and I’m pressing charges against them four officers that did that. Their names are Sgt. Holloway and Sgt. Midget, and the other two officers I don’t know their name but if you have them, let me know please. One officer looks like, ok, he has a bald head with big eyes talks like he’s from New York! And the other officer is short with an army cut he looks like he lift weights! And also just to have things in place before I go to court because the judge is going to ask if there are witnesses that seen that so if you can please get the people that told you all about that and have them come to court for it. I’m supposed to come back to court March — for an old charge they are going to dismiss so can you come to see me when I come back to the county. I want this to be in the newspaper and on the news so people know what happened!! And they split my eye open when they did it!! And I have medical records from when they beat me, so if you can contact them before I do please give the lawyer the name of the officers that did it and the witnesses too!!

And I want camera video so when I go to court I’ll have evidence on them so that I can win my case. And pay y’all for helpin me. And please publish to the prisoner account, and I want this on TV for sure so people would know what’s going on behind these walls. And I’m having problems with my right eye!! So that lawsuit will happen and I will win no matter how hard it is!! So I thank you for writing me and being with me through the whole thing and hope to hear back from you soon, —, and I thank you and have a great day!!


(editor: If any reader can supply a photo or drawing of any of the officers named or described in this account, we would be very appreciative.)

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