Pretext to an assault: “Stop resisting!”

Sup —-,

Sorry I ain’t wrote back in a while, I been “jailing” as some would say. Well, things are pretty much the same. Bullshit food, dirty showers, high prices on everything, smh, I paid 49 cents for a stamp! (USPS prices did increase to .49 in January–note).

But I got something for ya. Check out how this dude got his ass beat last week by a few c.o.s. When they went in his cell his roommate was on the top bunk and he was down on his knees with his hands behind his back. They cuffed him, yelled out ‘Stop resisting!’ and BEAT ’em! Crazy right? It’s a shame how they treat you in here.

I should be going home soon (pray 4 me), my co-d tapped out and took a plea, 10 years! Not me! I’m not guilty of anything! So Ima wait till they send me home. Keep ya head up out there, take everyday one step at a time, don’t worry about tomorrow! But only if you could, can you send me some (James) Patterson novels? I read his book Don’t Blink! He’s the best!

M. D.

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