‘They tell us to act like grown men but treat us like kids or animals’

Dear —-,

How you doing? I’m good. Really can’t complain. You wrote me last month, didn’t mean to take so long to write back. About the books question, no I have not got them. The jail does mess up a lot of people’s mail. They find any way they can control us. Mail is some time all people got to keep hope alive. So they lose or hold our mail to keep us down. 

Me, I like to write. But now they say “No pencils in the rooms.” What? Really? Have to write it in the day room. Which makes little sense. How am I supposed to concentrate with 50 odd dudes yelling? The day room is pose to be our out time to stretch our legs. But they make it so all you can do in the room is sleep, shit and read. Pretty soon they going to say we can’t read in here. I want to know why put a desk in these cells if we can’t use them? They also only bring in like 7 pencils. There’s 50 something people in one pod and you only have 7 pencils?

Shit kills me really. They tell us to act like grown men but you treat us us like kids or animals. The law was made for the law. Only people that control it and enforce it really matters to them. When they hear you say otherwise they either lock you up or silence you “Forever.”

People don’t kill people, the government does. Then they give medals and shit. You can quote me on that.

The newsletter was great. I passed it around when I was done. A lot of people liked it. One of the dude’s artwork that was in the newsletter is in the same pod with me. Right now the letter is just floating.

If you don’t mind can you send some books. I like fantasy, comics, and things along those lines.

I thank and pray for I.O.A. Ya’ll are a big help. Hope your week is going well.

Peace & Love


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