Repressive conditions serve the Man’s purpose


Thank you for your handwritten letter. The protests/demonstrations of IOA (and others) are events that uplift every inmate at DCDC. Since I am confined to my small cell for 20 hours every day (and more when inmate population exceeds 60), I have never seen your rallies, but I can hear the drums, which send a message that someone cares.

I am a Christian male, age 65. I have been unconstitutionally arrested and detained without trial since October 2010. I have (been) deprived of direct sunlight for this entire period. The food is substandard, often served cold, and usually bereft of fruit or green vegetables. I have been assaulted by detention officers without provocation. Routinely I am punished for the bad behavior of others. Medical services are totally dysfunctional. Aramark (commissary) and Paytel (phone) are criminals hiding behind a corporate charter, offering poor goods and services at exorbitant prices in a state-sanctioned monopoly. The d.o.s are unnecessarily abusive and instigate trouble. Any inmate could easily add to this list of grievances.

The repressive conditions have a primary purpose (the man’s) and an alternate purpose (God’s). The man’s purpose is to coerce the accused to accept a plea bargain, which is often brought to the inmate by the bogus public defender. God’s purpose is meaningful and relevant whether the inmate is innocent or guilty of the indicted crimes. Confess your sins and repent. Study your bible diligently and observe god’s law. Pray for a saving relationship with Jesus.

The officers at the jail and the sheriff have much to account for. I vow to bring as many of the worst perpetrators to ‘justice’ as possible. When my charges are dismissed, I will initiate a group-action suit in federal district court.

IOA should start a database of accounts of abuse by D.O.s. I intend to address wrongdoing by officers. I expect to make meaningful contributions to your organization. Thanks for the encouragement.

God Bless Each of You.


Duke Univ 1972

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