‘That was really unfair’

Dear (IOA), EPSON MFP image

Hey! How are you? I’m just getting off 25 day lock-back. There was a guy who kept running his mouth about the military. I am a Operation Iraq Freedom vet. We were playing cards. I told him about 20 times to keep quiet about the military. He is a 16 year old kid. I got up from the table and accidentally hit my cup. It landed in his lap. When I tried to walk away he hit me with a chair and kicked me. I still didn’t put my hands on him. Anyway they accused me of being the aggressor, they lock me back for 25 days, they took my privileges away for 25 days also (no TV, no library, no visitation, no telephone, no canteen) They didn’t do anything to him. That was really unfair.

I heard the demonstration. It was awesome. They still didn’t come get me for court on Jan. 6, they haven’t even set me another court date yet. I was wondering about the books. I said in my last letter that I would like a Japanese/English dictionary. Also books dealing with vampires, werewolves, wizards. Do you have any anime or manga books? What about urban books? I would really like to get some more books from you guys. (through Prison Books Collective) The ones I have already gotten from you I have read several times and I also share them with other inmates. I hope you like the envelope. Do you have any Spanish learning books? Thanks for being there for us and giving us a voice.

Yours in struggle,


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